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Specializing in Faro Airport transfers, we provide private transfers to and from Faro Airport, taking you directly and comfortably, to anywhere in the Algarve,Portugal and southern Spain. 24 / 7 days a week service Pick Up and Pick In Service Private transfers not shuttle Why choose Exo Transfers   We are a company created in order to provide a quality…

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Visit Lagos Algarve with Exo-Transfers

Discover Lagos with Exo-Transfers

Discover Lagos in the Algarve with Exo-Transfers Lagos in the Algarve is a paradise location to visit, but also to live and that has been the choice for many English, German and Dutch families throughout the last 2 decades. Not to be confused with Lagos in Nigeria, Lagos is a beautiful city located in the western side of the Algarve…

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Albufeira Praia dos Pescadores - Exo-Transfers

Discover Albufeira with Exo-Transfers

Discover Albufeira with Exo-Transfers One of the most sought after destinations in the Algarve is surely Albufeira and Exo-Transfers takes visitors from the airport to Albufeira everyday. Exo-Transfers over the years has taken many visitors to and from Albufeira and the response is great. Albufeira features several beaches, each with it’s unique character. Some more sandy, others with a few…

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Serviços Especiais Transfers | Exo-Transfers

Serviços Especiais Transfers

Exo-Transfers – “We’ll Take You There” Para além da excelência no serviço de transferes privados, a Exo-Transfers realiza serviços especiais ou ocasionais para variados eventos. Imagine aquela noite com os amigos em que ninguém quer conduzir!?! Mesmo quando tiramos à sorte não é nada bom como somos nós os que ficamos fora da diversão. Mas com a Exo-Transfers tem uma…

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