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Discover Albufeira with Exo-Transfers

Discover Albufeira with Exo-Transfers

Albufeira Praia dos Pescadores - Exo-Transfers
Albufeira Praia dos Pescadores – Exo-Transfers

One of the most sought after destinations in the Algarve is surely Albufeira and Exo-Transfers takes visitors from the airport to Albufeira everyday.

Exo-Transfers over the years has taken many visitors to and from Albufeira and the response is great.

Albufeira features several beaches, each with it’s unique character. Some more sandy, others with a few more rock structures, but all share amazing scenarios for good relaxation.

Albufeira is firstly a beach destination, so we’ll share some amazing beaches you can visit.

Best Beaches in Albufeira

Praia dos Pescadores

Undoubtebly the main beach in Albufeira has to be the Pescadores beach. Located in the old town, it used to have all the fisherman boat on the actual sand, before the harbour was built. Tourists used to love seeing the fisherman arrive with the catch of the day and help the boats up. Although it has lost that tradition, many of Exo-Transfers clients who have come to Albufeira for many years, still remember this fondly.

Inatel and Peneco

Albufeira Praia do Peneco - Exo-Transfers
Albufeira Praia do Peneco – Exo-Transfers

These are the two beaches on either side of Pescadores Beach with a generous sandy area. Inatel is more of a sandy beach but be carefull going into the water as some areas have a few rocks you might not see. Peneco is not so rocky in the swimming area, but has a path along side the cliff where fisherman go and where some try their diving skills from the cliff side into the water.

Santa Eulália

Another amazing beach, often chosen by people staying in the Oura area. This lovely beach also has a nice sandy area, and a conglomerate of rocks that sometimes create some small natural pools. Located near Le Club Disco, it is often know as well for the night life with a seaview.

Praia da Galé / São Rafael / Arrifes

Albufeira Praia dos Arrifes - Exo-Transfers
Albufeira Praia dos Arrifes – Exo-Transfers

On the other side of Albufeira, towards the marina, you have these three amazing beaches, in a stretch of around 5kms. We highly recommend Restaurante A Sardinha at Arrifes Beach. But Arrifes has limited sand area for your toal so perhaps check the tides before you go.

São Rafael is very near Arrifes and it’s more spacious and sandy. Praia da Galé extends through Salgados natural reserve until Armação de Pêra, the next city over. An extensive sandy beach with a surf school and a few amazing bars and restaurants.

These are just a few, as Albufeira has many much smaller beaches in between the above mentioned ones.

So if you are looking for a got “spot in the sun”, we hope this has helped. Which ever one you choose, Exo-Transfers will take you there!

Albufeira is the place to be if you want to PARTY HARDY

Albufeira Night Life - Exo-Transfers
Albufeira Night Life – Exo-Transfers

Night Life

The Algarve has many great locations for a good night out, but Albufeira in this regard has become the Meca of the Night life. Many of Exo-Transfers clients coming over with friends to Albufeira, come for the night life.

Le Club Albufeira Night Life - Exo-Transfers
Le Club Albufeira Night Life – Exo-Transfers

Although you have nice bars, pubs and clubs in different parts of the city, Albufeira‘s night life is mainly located in the Old Town or in the Oura Strip. A varied selection of bars all in one common are, making it easy for anyone to just hop around from bar to bar and experience the different music and vibe in each one.

In the old town most bars have sitting area in the front and some actually stay open from mid afternoon on to 3am, serving cocktails, drinks and snacks. A great option when you get off the beach or when you go out for a great night partying. In Oura not all have balconies outside, but the strip gets it’s momentum mostly after 10pm.

If you are looking to stay up all night long partying, worry not. As most bars close at 3-4am, discos start filling up with party goers around that same time and stay open until 6-7am.

LICK Albufeira Vilamoura Night Life - Exo-Transfers
LICK Albufeira Vilamoura Night Life – Exo-Transfers

Kiss Disco, Le Club which we mentioned before, and many others, all located mainly near Oura. But the biggest place would have to be LICK. The refurbished warehouse that used to be called KADOK, has now improved it’s look inside out. It is located right on the “border” between Albufeira and Vilamoura.

So don’t worry about getting your car and choosing the designated driver, Exo-Transfers offers that special service. Taking you and your groups to and from the Disco so you can keep the party going. The only things you have to worry about is choice of drink and choice of dance moves.



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